Missionary Formation Institute

Giving our young people a mission and a purpose in life.

There Is A Need

We need a strategy to keep young people in the Church. The majority of Catholics under 18 in the U.S. are of Latino origin. Given the Church’s mission to evangelize, our Parishes urgently need to develop young leaders, especially within the growing Hispanic community. However, many parishes lack the resources to provide these youth with necessary leadership and speaking skills.There is also a need to form the next generation of dynamic Catholic preachers. Young Latinos need to see themselves represented in those who minister to them.

Our Response

Corazon Puro's Missionary Formation Institute seeks the Holy Spirit's annointing to fulfill Pope Francis' desire for a "Missionary Option." MFI does this through:Weekend Conferences A Weeklong NYC ExperienceOnline Resources

Our Goals are:

To give leadership formation to current young Latino parish volunteers already engaged in ministry. To equip young leaders with the necessary skills to effectively preach the word of God and build authentic communities to encourage faith sharing.To form the next generation of Hispanic Catholic Preachers to spread the faith more effectively to reach a variety of audiences and cultures of a post-pandemic church.

Missionary Formation Institute Team

Salomon Cariño

MFI Director

Florentino Torres

Expert Preaching Instructor

Timothy Hanley


Dr. Greg Bottaro, PhD


Ana Tokeshi

Project Coordination

Holly Wright M. Psych

Team Member

Dinora Rabines


Fr. Augustine Conner, CFR, M. Div.