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"This is what I have been waiting for"
-Andrea Rocha, Confirmation Catechist

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What's Going on?

Hispanics make up 19% of the US population (62.1 million) with the median age of 29 making them the youngest racial/ethnic group in America1. This growth gifts the Church with a large, young Hispanic population—in fact, about 60% of Catholics under 18 in the U.S. are of Hispanic origin, yet most decide to leave the Church before the age of 242.
One of the recommendations of the National V Encuentro Meeting of 2018 found a need for a training and accompaniment program of a catechetical nature for young adolescents. The need for formation of the young people was a common thread in many of the conversations.

Corazón Puro has worked for more than 10 years providing a space where each young person can learn about their faith and strengthen their Christian identity. This process, forged in a bilingual and bicultural context, was developed by and for second and third generation Hispanics. It incorporates the latest research of the best practices for passing on traditions and doctrine to a constantly shifting generation.
The result of these years of work is R.E.AL. Formation, Reawaken and Educate Authentic Leaders. R.E.A.L Formation is a set of tools for catechists and youth and young adult leaders to help in the process of evangelization and catechesis. It forms both the catechist and the young person.
R.E.A.L Formation takes a unique approach in that the understanding of the faith and the teachings of the Church are drawn from the young person’s experience and culture.

What is R.E.A.L. Formation?
R.E.A.L. Formation is Culture- forward, vibrant video and printed Catechetical Tool-Kit for Confirmation and Post Confirmation Youth and Young adults!
R.E.A.L. Leader’s Guide & Student’s Handbook.
Access to REAL educational videos for Leaders and Participants Online.
R.E.A.L. App with access to videos, digital guides, and networking and discussion forums for catechists.
Mentorship available for Parishes and Dioceses!
R.E.A.L. will available in English and Spanish!

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